Video: Forensic expert: Low quality footage may mislead

>>> martin's case. a short time ago, sanford police released to nbc its surveillance video have george zimmerman in custody the night of the teenager's killing. joining me now, the form he fbi profiler and grant fredericks, a forensic expert. thank you both for joining me.

>> i want to start with you. the video is the newest detail here. you have a couple of concerns and questions. when you first saw the video released last night, what was your reaction?

>> well, the video is somewhat misleading depending on the question that's being asked. there were some observations that mr. zimmerman had lost weight. that he was fitter than what he had appeared in previous images. the video that was produced by the police department had been squished. which means that the aspect ratio , the relationship to the height and width is not correct. so it makes him look skinnier than he actually is and more frail than he actually is. the image should be wider. so he is actually more stocky than he looks. there is a lot of compression which means a lot of lack of detail.

>> let me stop you. you actually took images and you enhanced them if you will, according to you, to fit the actual scope. not be distorted. why would the sanford police department send out video in your view, is not an actual scope of what is happening there.

>> i'm not going to say that was done on purpose. i think it was probably a product of production. they just didn't do it accurately. it is misleading. so it is compressed so some of the details the court would want to know does not exist in that video such as is there blood on the face, injury to the back of the head. clearly on the shirt there doesn't appear to be any blood.

>> you've worked on a number of high profile cases, including the kelly case that captured attention, especially in the chicago area . it really hinged on what the jury thought of a videotape in that case. with this tape, can it, grant, be enhanced to give a potential juror if it gets to that point, a better view of zimmerman 's head? a better view of his face?

>> well, i think that the question is, what did the police actually have? this video is simply a surveillance video from the police department . i don't know why they would have released it. they would have or should have taken close-up photographs of any alleged injuries to his face, his back. they should have seized the clothes. your other witness or expert will deal with that. but there should be better quality images. even from this digital recording system, the original video will be more clear than what we've been given.


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