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Written By: Thomas Rogers?on?March 10, 2012 One Comment

You have a business and it is doing well so you want to take it to the next level. You have received decent results with offline promotion but your online presence just won?t reach the same popularity. The obvious things to do is do some search engine optimisation and get some Google Adwords to improve website traffic.

And for a while, it seems to work: that?s you up there in those Google rankings. But even though your ROI has definitely shown signs of improvement, the results you?re looking for are still eluding you. What?s the solution? Taking someone on in-house to look after social media marketing? After all, there?s no point in hiring a whole online marketing agency because social media marketing is just a fad ? isn?t it?

We?re here to tell you that social media is here to stay, and if you take on someone with just a small amount of knowledge about what to do when it comes to social media marketing you might as well kiss goodbye to a potentially huge online market. The best thing to do ? right now ? is to start getting yourself some Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

Today, social interaction makes the online world go round. Some of you may remember how those Old Spice TV commercials used to surface around Christmas? and never be seen again for the next 12 months. Now, YouTube and Facebook have made Old Spice the best selling body wash for men ? all year round. That?s just one way social media has proved essential for business, and how successful a social media marketing agency can make any brand.

Without going into too much detail about the future of search engines, social media is essential to be found online. Companies will be judged on how popular they are online and with a big fan base and quality interaction you can turn your company from a potential to a success using social media marketing.

Ortegra is a team of passionate individuals who has an outstanding knowledge in internet and social media marketing. We aim to achieve a deep understanding of your business, creating working marketing campaigns.

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