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Written By: Nicholas Jacobellis?on?March 12, 2012 One Comment

The world over the past decade has altered motivation from original ways of doing business to a new trend. The internet has impacted the ballgame, and changed it promptly. Whole new industries have burst onto the scene with the introduction of social media agencies such as Facebook and Twitter. The world of the online marketing firm has grown, and the use of any social media agency to get the good word spread in today?s economy is vital.

Just see at what is beginning right now around the world. More people have access to the internet and cell phones than they do access to toilets and clean water. It just goes to show where the people of the world are placing their main concerns. The internet is the most powerful aspect of many of these peoples? lives, and the numbers show it.

Facebook alone could become the third largest country in the world sitting at over 800 million individual users. That is a lot of people to be on onesocial media agency platform. Facebook is massive, and more and more companies are using the opportunity to get onto Facebook than any other social media outlet. MySpace crumbled in the wake of Facebook.

Even the mass of Twitter alone is excellent, the public relations platform boasts over 200 million individual users, and the website is widening day by day. Just think about that, Twitter could also become its own country.With that thought alone, it would be insanity for companies to not be using a marketing firm to help them get onto these various websites, and to get their name and message out there.

The world has been modified drastically, and nothing on a measure such as this has been noticeable since the industrial revolution. It?s just impressive how it can change a whole people culture, and the introduction of social media into the mix has changed the marketing world forever. The future is the internet, whether or not you like it.

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