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No doubt, wind shield is a very important component of our automobile, whether it is acar, truck, or tram etc. We can use wind shields to prevent ourselves from direct air at high speed and it also prevent us from different debris.In the beginning, wind shields are made up of ordinary common glass. This ordinary glass was very tough, which allowed a wind shield to shatter very easily from flying debris. This ordinary glass will not breaks into small pieces, but it shatters into big edgy pieces and this becomes the main cause of serious injuries or deaths during accidents.In early 1919, Ford makes advancement in the manufacturing of wind shields. They started implementing the technology of glass laminating. Basically this glass laminating technology is a French technology.In glass laminating technology, two layers of laminated glass are used and then a coat of vinyl is applied on these layers. Due to the coat of vinyl it is known as laminated glass. This laminated glass is very strong and durable and when laminated glass breaks,it shatters into small pieces. It decreases the injuries and causalities during accidents,because thee were no sharp glass fragments. In less than ten years all Ford vehicles has laminated glass wind shields.

Nowadays as technology has developed further, some more advancement takes place in the manufacturing of wind shields. Some wind shields are available that are known as UV coated wind shields. As it is obvious from its name, this wind shield prevents us from ultraviolet rays. A UV coat is applied on these kinds of wind shields.The installation of wind shield is a very important phase that would be done by the professional trained wind shield installers. It is not such a kind of work that would be done by any one. Many hours and lot of hard work required in order to become a professional wind screen installer.If your wind shield has any kind of chip then instantly call a professional because these small chips are turn into big cracks and these big cracks become the cause of wind screen breakage. Always call a professional when you found any crack on your wind shield glass.

Maintenance of a wind shield also increases its durability. Wash your wind shield glass at least once in a week. Use a good quality glass cleaner. A clean wind shield glass not only enhances the outlook of your vehicle but it also helps you to increase the visibility in fogy conditions.Usually it is very expensive to replace an entire wind shield. So, it might be better to repair your wind shield instead of its replacing. When it comes to repairing of a wind shield the best option is to contact a wind shield professional repairer. But it is also not very difficult to repair a wind shield by yourself that would be very money saving for you.If you want to repair your wind shield then you just need a wind shield repair kit which is easily available in the market, a rag cloth and a blade. You just have to follow the simple instruction steps that provided with the wind shield repair kit and hope for a good result.

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