Thanks to the gameness of the talented ensemble cast, Wanderlust provides at least one solid laugh per scene, with a few stretches of more extended hilarity (along with more than one riff that dies writhing before our eyes). Aniston and her off-screen boyfriend Theroux both get some funny moments, but it?s Rudd who holds the whole ramshackle thing together with his indomitably sweet spirit (a quality on ample display in last year?s underappreciated Our Idiot Brother, in which he played a well-meaning hippie dropout who would?ve felt perfectly at home on the Elysium grounds). In the best scene, George tries to summon the courage for a maritally approved tryst with commune hottie Eva (Malin Akerman) by practicing his horndog dirty talk in a bathroom mirror. His filthy locutions feel improvised on the spot, as do his increasingly absurd lascivious facial expressions (in a blooper reel over the credits, Rudd cracks up, breaks character, and tells the crew, ?I?m grossing myself out!?). That two-minute stretch of Rudd in the mirror?plus a loopy final coda that uses a local news-show format to wrap up the main characters? fates in ludicrous yet satisfying ways?make the shaggy but agreeable Wanderlust worth the detour.

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